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Ultrafiltration filter UF membrane

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Specifications( UF membrane):
1.The unique design of the flow channel,reducing water resistance
2.Long life span 
3.Easy to clean

UF Membrane  features:

1. The unique design of the flow channel, reducing water resistance 
2. When backwashing the membrane surface water distribution synchronization, more thorough cleaning 
 3.  Membrane wire fixed partition, the lowest risk of wire-breaking after long run time
 4. Hydrophilic modification and improve the stain resistance
 5. Continuous three-phase asymmetric structure, and enhanced the intensity of the membrane filaments
 6. Reduce the pollution of the hole channel, let backwashing more easier when restoring flux





 Design flux(L/m2/h) 40-120
Produced water pollution index(SDI15) <3
Permeate turbidity(NTU) <<1

E. coli removal rate (log)

Virus removal rate(log) >4
Filter type dead-end or cross-flow filtration
Membrane materials and types PES,PS,PVC,PAN inside out pressure
Shell and seal materials PVC,epoxy resins
Molecular weight cutoff (dalton) 100,000
Fiber inner/ outer diameter (mm) 1.0/1.6
Effective membrane area (m­­2) 4
Max. inflow pressure (MPa) 0.3
Max. transmembrane pressure (MPa) <0.2
Optimal permeate pressure (MPa) 0.01-0.1
Max. operating temperature (°C) 40
PH range PES/PS 2-12, PVC/PAN 3-9
Backwash pressure (MPa) <0.2
Backwash flow(L/m2/h) 100-200


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