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String wound yarn filter cartridge

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descripitionstring wound yarn filter cartridge  for string wound filter cartridge aredemanded due to high dirt holding capacity and its rugged construction which allows facing different applications in liquid and gas filtration.

Outside Diameter: 63mm,115mm
Inner diameter   :  28mm,30mm
Length:   9.75”,9.87”,10”,20”,30”,40”
Filter media: Polyethylene, cotton, glass fiber
Core:  PP,Stainless Steel
Micron Rating : 1micron,5micron,10miron,20micron,30micron,50micron,75micron,100micron

– Fits all the standard housings
– Low pressure drop,high dirt holding capacity and long service life
– Loose outer layers and tight inner layers offers effective depth filtration
– Various filter media fit with various applications
 quality线绕specification线绕1 (2)
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