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Diameter 2.5” Pleated Cartridge Filter

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Polypropylene Pleated filter cartridges are precisely manufactured for use in critical filtration applications within food, pharmaceuticals, biotech, dairy, beverages, brewing, semiconductor, water treatment & other demanding process industries. All components used in the manufacturing process are biologically safe, chemically inert

Filter media:polypropylene membrane
Filter rate: 0.1um, 0.2um, 0.45um,1um, 3um,5um,10um, 20um, 50um,100um
Length:10 to 40 inches
Outer/Inner diameter:69mm/28mm
End Style: DOE
 222 O-Ring/Fin       222 O-Ring/Flat
226 O-Ring/Fin       226 O-Ring/Flat
O-Ring/Gasket: Buna N/EPDM/Silicone/Viton

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