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Carbon block CTO filter cartridge

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descripition cto carbon block filter cartridge are designed for high effective filtration of water for certain VOC’S, pesticides, chlorine, odor & test & sediment reduction down to 5 micron. They are suitable for potable water filtration, as well as many industrial, commercial & food service applications.
Its nominal filtration rating makes it excellent for polishing filters of pre filters in applications which require very fine filtration. These cartridges are effective at filtering giardia & cryptosporidium cysts from potable drinking water.
Filter Media:Activated Coal Carbon/Coconut Shell Carbon/Nut Shell carbon with high iodine rate.


Maximun operating temperature: 52°C
Maximum operating pressure: 17 Bar
Filter Rate: 5um&10um
Length: 5 to 40 inches
Outer/Inner diameter:2.5”,4.5” /28mm

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