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JKA stager controller

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JKA stager controller

JKA stager controller is the product developed on the basis of advanced technology.
It is widely being applied in various water treatment fields as Filtration System, Water Conditioning, So Softening System and Desalination Systems, etc. The main distinguished features of JKA Controller are:

Power: 150~250V/AC, 50/60Hz, 4W; Chinese or English version alternatively selected, setting simplicity, No complicated programming languages ability needed to operator; Password Protection design prevents parameter setting from arbitrary and unexpected alteration; Flexible regeneration initiation modes ( Volume, Remote, Interval, Week timing ).The selection of regeneration modes depends on specific technical and systemic conditions.
LCD display with backlight for over ten years use and state display function on
panel;Regeneration and relevant outputs signals are all Relay Dry Contractor; AC 220/5A; Remote control signal is dry contact. Signal can be reserved at least 2 seconds;
Advantage of Multi-valve System

Counter-current Regeneration Full Bed Technology

The real counter-flow regeneration technology saves water up to 50% and saves salt up to 30%.

Flow Control Technology

Adopt flow rate measuring method to precisely measure total water output, increase the utilization efficiency of resin, save water and salt.

 Flexibility to Select Different Processes

Counter-current softening, co-current softening, sand filtration or activated carbon filtration can be selected flexibly.

 Wide Scope of Applications and High Flow Rate Meet various flow rate requirements via changing valve sizes.

Professional Control System, Easy Operation

Specially designed controllers for softening systems are easy to manage.

 Easy After-sales Service and Low Cost of Maintenance

The control is separated from the system, once there is a malfunction of the system, just need to change the relevant part(s) to repair the control system at site. Professional service engineer or return-to-factory repair is not needed.

Technical Parameters




Instrumentation power supply

110V/AC 220V/AC 50/60HZ 5W

Waterproof level


Working environment




Pulse input

Pulse square wave 0-150HZ, probe (direct current) voltage 5-24V

Range of water 


Reproduction signal output

Passive relay contacts Contact capacity, AC220V/2A

Solenoid valve signal output

Passive contact Contact capacity AC220V/2A

Solenoid valve signal output

Passive contact

 Multi-valve Softening System Application Diagrams




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