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4”top and bottom open Tank (From 16”to 40”dia )

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16inch to 36inch FRP fiberglass filter water tank

(1) Frp tank liner – Polyethylene (PE) seamless one-piece tank liner
(2) Cover- Continuous strands of fiber-glass with high strength epoxy resin 
(3) Bottom base – PP round or FRP reinforced tripod base 
(4) Opening – 4″ precision injected model with threaded opening for 16”to 36” diameter tanks 

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Product Name: 18”-36”FRP fiberglass filter water tank
Inner shell : Polyethylene (PE)
Outer shell: Premium fiberglass embedded in epoxy resin
Certificate: NSF, ISO
Color: Blue/natural/gray/black/yellow
Outer shell: Premium fiberglass embedded in epoxy resin
Operating pressure: 10bar/150psi
operating temperature range: 1-50 degree
Application: Filtration,softening,sand filter,carbon filter,  ion exchange ,RO system.



Fully Rustproof and corrosion resistant
Hight strength Light weight
Easy transport and installation
Nice appearance

Structure & Materials

Liner material:Rotation molding or Blowing One-piece seamless PE inner liner
Outer Winding:Hight Performance resin with Fiber glass three-dimensional winding
Opening:4″ reinforced plastic thread
Bass Materials:FRP or reinforced PP

Application Condition

Working Pressure:150psi(10.5bar)
Working Temperature:1-4℃(34-121℉)
Max.VLowest Environment
Fatigue Cycle:100,000

Design Parameter

Burst Pressure:42bar(4 times)
Fatigue Cycle:100,000

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