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KY-912 is a high effective reverse osmosis scale inhibition dispersant, its main component is phosphorus containing small molecular organic chemical. KY-912 is especially suitable to water supply with great amount of barium, strontium,reverse osmosis system with severe barium sulfate, strontium sulfate scaling tendency. In the wide concentration range of scaling matters, KY-912 can effectively prevent scale formation, extend system cleaning period, prolong the life time of the membrane, thus reducing the production cost. KY-912 in water supply is effective with pH value 5~10.





1.General dosage is c.a 3~5ppm(3~5 grams per ton water supply), accurate dosage should be adjusted against water condition. 2.Generally, scale inhibition dispersant is dosed by metering pump after being diluted with desalinated water. For example, water supply of reverse osmosis equipment is 100 Tons/hour, confirmed dosage of scale inhibitor standard solution is 3.0 ppm,dosage per hour is 0.3 KG. The scale inhibition dispersant is diluted by 10 times, output of the metering pump is adjusted to 3L/h.


1. The dilution should be stirred thoroughly.
2. The actual output of metering pump should be calibrated before operation.
3. The dosing box should be cleaned periodically, prevent bacteria growth.

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25KG N.W/Plastic Barrel or as clients’ request. Stored in room, keep away from sunshine.  Shelf time at room temperature is 12 Months.

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