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Hot Sale for Wood Activated Carbon - 660W-1350W UV Sterilizer for watertreatment – Ewater

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UV Steriliser for Water Treatment


It is known that the most convenient and low cost method to kill germs is using ultra violet ray within solar ray. Human being was using it everyday since  ancient but they did not know it is ultra violet ray.There are more than 200 years since ultra violet ray was found but no one knew it could be used on disinfecting germs until 1877,doctor Niels Ryberg Finsen.

A Danish Scientist who found out to expose some specified skin disease under solar ray would be healed much faster , who spent  most of his life wanted to find our this possibility.

Ultra Violet ray is an invincible light within the solar ray separate into 3 brand :A(UVA),B(UVB),C(UVC).

The most effective brand is C brand(UVC) which wave length is 253.7nM.



  1. It can kill algae,fungi,germs and virus they are all in the water.
  2. No side effect will be remained.There will be no toxic, pollution or residue left after using this device.
  3. Easy to use.
  4. Can be used at most of environment such as hospital, food industry,environment protection industry, medicine industry and biochemical research etc.
  5. Low cost




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