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Factory selling Pe Dosing Tanks - EDI System for water treatment – Ewater

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1. Product description of   500LPH ro edi water treatment system

1.The ro edi water treatment system can be used for the area witch with high salinity underground water and near sea place.(input brackish water TDS between 2000ppm and 20000ppm )

 2.Our RO water system borehole salty water treatment system adopt the USA DOW membrane and China high quality membrane housing , SUS316L pressure pump, high pressure SUS316 pipe and with suitable pretreatment . This assembly of our RO machine can remove more than 97% inorganic salt,heavy metal ion,organic matter ,harmful bacteria…ect . It can make the brackish water to safe clean pure water which suitable for human drinking.

 3.We can make the special and suitable brackish water system according to customers input water quality .

To make the machine high efficient,long life span .And the oupput water quality after our machine can reach

to the WHO drinking water standard .The brackish water system can slove water problem which the area lack of water

 4.As different place with different water quality ,  customers had better provide us the local water quality

report so that we can give you the most suitable , economic machine and high efficient machine . 

Capacity Customized from 250L/H to 50T/H
Raw water pump CNP
Sand filter /carbon filter /softener  FRP/stainless steel 
Reverse osmosis (RO)membrane USA DOW
Membrane housing stainless steel/FRP 
Desalination rate more than 97%
Ion remove rate 99.99%
Recovery rate 55-75%
Security filter Stainless steel/FRP 
Control system Siemens PLC control
Electricity components Schneider/Omron from German
Certification ISO, SGS,CE,MADE IN CHINA 

2. Technological process of  ro edi water treatment system
raw water+ raw water tank+ raw water pump+ sand filter+ carbon filter+softener (optional)+ security filter+ high pressure pump+ reverse osmosis system+ pure water tank+ UV sterilizer (ozone generator) +precision filter + water supply points

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