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China New Product Chemical Dosing Tank Sizing - Aerator – Ewater

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Tablet micropore aerator
Tablet Series aerator is composed of the chassis, gas distribution plate, synthetic rubber diaphragm, pressure solid rings, air deflector, connecting base and connecting pipe pieces. Base is made of ABS plastic, both base and pressure solid rings are thread. EPDM rubber diaphragm cover over the air flow plate,andfixed ring ensures the diaphragm does not leak around the rubber diaphragm with uniform distribution of the hole.the rubber diaphragm take multi-channel special processing technology, its performance is stable and resistant to the concentration of acid, alkali, oil medium.
Tablet Series aerator with a unique return function, effectively stops pollution reflux into the gas distribution pipes when out of service.
Easy installation, Flexible applied to a variety of process wastewater treatment system. It is amature and efficient aeration equipment.
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