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Best Price for New Water Softener Technology - Filter Bag – Ewater

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1.Remove the impurities of oil in the petrochemical industry

2.Filtration of sugar, spices, juices, tea in the food industry

3.Solution and solvent filtration in the production of polyester and acrylic fiber in the textile industry

4.Clarification of valuable ingredients, and filtration of gelatin, cellulose and medicinal water in the pharmaceutical industry.

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Parameters of Liquid Filter Bag

Material PE,PP,nylon,polyester
Bag top ring Plastic ring, Stainless steel ring, Galvanized wire ring, pp, pvc ring
Filter ratings 1, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 150,200 , 300µm,etc.
Type various specifications
Airtight method: weld, reverse sewn, outside sewn
Effective filtration area various specifications
Others special requirement of diameter and collar extension can be customized

Advantages of Liquid Filter Bag

1. Inside-outside flow configuration : It can capture contaminants effectively on the inside.

2. Plastic or steel seal : It is necessary and helpful for prevention of fluid bypass and subsequent contamination of the downstream fluid. All of our good performance filter bags are provided in both plastic and steel ring sealing collar versions that will be fit for most filter bag manufactures’ housings.

3. Welded seams and thermally treated exterior surfaces It is efficient for control of fiber migration.

4. Our material has the special ability to handle viscous fluids.

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