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RO Unit/System for water treatment system

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RO Unit/System for water treatment system


The top technology removes the dissolved salts, colloids, microorganisms, organic matter and so on (removal rate as high as 99%)
The cleaning design has the function of cleaning, which can provide effective flushing for reverse osmosis membrane and prolong the service life of reverse osmosis membrane
Practical design compact structure, save space, outer stainless steel material durable, trustworthy


Standard Features: · Stainless Steel 304 Frame · Thin Film Composite Membranes · Stainless Steel 304 RO Vessels Seamless· Vertical High Pressure Pumps · PLC Control · Power On/Off Switch · 5 Microns Pre-filter · Product Water Flow Meter · Concentrate Water Flow Meter· High Pressure Pump Inlet Pressure Gauge · High Pressure Pump outlet Pressure Gauge LCRO800-LCRO3000

· Concentrate Outlet Pressure Gauge

· Low Pressure Switch

· High Pressure Switch

· Heavy-duty PVC Piping

· Level Control On/Off

· Automatic Flush

· Low Pressure Shut-Off



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