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Ozone generator

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descripitionOzone generator, is dedicated to small ozone in the air purification and water treatment equipment, it uses the latest ozone generating device and a variety of protection circuits, with excellent performance and long service life.
It is an ideal version of traditional disinfection equipment, is to use ozone (O3) and oxygen (O2), gas under normal temperature. Ozone has a very short life span in air and will either react with other chemicals it encounters or decompose on its own into normal oxygen. By far the world’s recognized, as the only substances to food and beverage directly disinfected.

For a long time, the medical and health pharmaceutical food processing have been used for air disinfection ultraviolet irradiation, chemical medicine fumigation method, such as spraying, defects one kind or another in the use of ozone sterilization products, provides a fast and efficient disinfection method of safe and reliable to use conveniently.

 Ozone generator’s arise, offers a fast and efficient way to most industries. They have been applied to catering, pharmaceutical plants, water treatment and medical care areas.

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